First minted in 1967, the Krugerrand was
introduced in 1967 as a vehicle for private
ownership of gold.

Containing one troy ounce of pure gold –

the Krugerrand was the world’s first ounce –
denominated gold coin.

With over 60 million Krugerrands in
circulation, the brand is held in high esteem
for its consistent quality and durability.

As legal tender, the Krugerrand is figuratively
worth its weight in gold.

The Krugerrand is an iconic
brand that has withstood the
test of time.

The Krugerrand exists to
build value that endures over
time, for both investors and
collectors alike.

In today’s unpredictable world,
the Krugerrand offers the lasting
values of hope and optimism;
as the only investment that is
conceptually worth its weight in gold.
In hand, the Krugerrand
delivers tangible and lasting

All who work with this brand deeply value the following:


we are honourable and principled in our behaviour. 

Our Distribution Network


we are considerate and conscientious in our thinking.

SA Mint

Rand Refinery

In 2017, in celebration of the
Krugerrand’s 50th Anniversary,
the Krugerrand brand
re-visited its relevance in the
21st Century.


In light of a multitude of
competing investments,
the Krugerrand maintains
that an investment in gold,
silver or platinum, represents
the peace-of-mind that the
modern investor seeks.

While the design of the coin itself remains unchanged over time, the brand has proudly entered a new era. In celebration of its purpose, the Krugerrand worked in partnership with leading South African artists to bring the brand ethos to life. 

Through the continued dedication of our Partners, Krugerrand was the guest of honour at the 2017 World Money Fair, held in Berlin.

If you would like to own this timeless craftsmanship and the legacy of a brand that is revered around the globe, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.
Our Distribution Network

Production and Minting

The Krugerrand is produced in partnership with Rand Refinery, now a leading gold refinery that has held good delivery status with the London Bullion Market Association (LBMA) since 1923, and the South African Mint (a subsidiary of the South African Reserve Bank).The gold used to produce the Krugerrand is sourced in full compliance with the LBMA and OECD guidelines, refined and then manufactured by Rand Refinery to create the highest-quality Krugerrand blanks.

These blanks are then struck with pride and precision by the South African Mint SA Mint and subsequently returned to Rand Refinery for final packaging and worldwide marketing and sales.

The world’s most actively traded gold bullion coin symbolises more than meaningful participation in the international gold coin market; it is also socially transformative.

Via the South African Mint and the continent’s mining, manufacturing and production capabilities, the Krugerrand contributes to community growth and development [CSR Link], ensuring that the value of African gold is shared among her people. The Krugerrand contains only African Gold.In 2017, over half a century after the first 22-carat gold coin was minted, the Krugerrand is a global symbol of wealth security, guaranteeing consistent and increasing value in ways that its peers cannot.

Thus, in creating the highly sought-after Krugerrands, Prestige Bullion has spun a golden thread of continuous, concrete value from decade to decade, generation to generation and society to society.

Rand Refinery

Established by the Chamber of Mines of South Africa in 1920, Rand Refinery is the largest integrated single-site precious metals refining and smelting complex in the world.

Evolving from a local pure refiner of doré (a semi-pure alloy of gold and silver) to an internationally recognised and accredited global precious metals leader, we constantly pursue excellence and strive to maximise value across a wide range of value-added products and services.

Synonymous with integrity and quality, the Rand Refinery mark can be found on cast bars, minted bars, minted coins,

coin blanks and medallions. The internationally acclaimed Krugerrand is the world’s premium bullion coin with over 60 million in circulation, making it one of Rand Refinery’s top investment products.Rand Refinery is accepted for good delivery by, amongst many others, the Shanghai Gold Exchange, COMEX, Tokyo Commodity Exchange, Dubai Gold and Commodities Exchange and the Singapore Gold Exchange.

Acting as an agent for our precious metals depositing customers, we provide 24-hour turnaround assaying, state-of-the-art vaulting and international logistics services.

SA Mint

The South African Mint is the official mint of the Republic of South Africa.

Located just outside Pretoria in South Africa, the South African Mint is a subsidiary of the South African
Reserve Bank.

The Mint is over 120 years old and is the leading African mint with considerable experience in supplying coins to Africa and the world.

The South African Mint’s experience in producing high quality currency and commemorative coins enables them to provide a comprehensive service to our customers.
Working in close collaboration with their customers, the SA Mint provides durable monetary exchange products that capture and preserve the heritage and pride of nations.

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